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    Help: Workflow and Backup for Photo Library




      At the office, we are looking to create a professional workflow and backup system for our centralized photo/video library computer.


      Here is our situation:

      - we are currently three photographers and have separate computers (Windows) with Lightroom

      - on a fourth computer is the photo library that also has Lightroom that is supposed to have all the pictures of the office (which is today not the case)

      - today each photographer/computer has its/his own Lightroom with his sets of pictures, and the photo library is not being fed with new pictures


      What we would like to have:

      - centralize all pictures in the photo library computer

      - feed the Lightroom of the photo library computer with all of our past and future pictures from/through our individual computers

      - an efficient, fast and safe backup system for the photo library computer with daily/weekly backup (preferably two copies one inside the office one outside)

      - access/consult the Lightroom of the photo library computer each from his computer


      All suggestions and ideas are most welcome,

      Thank you!