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    show/hide textbox on radio button

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      I know that it is an issue that is discussed and solved in various platforms, but i have a very (probably quite simple) issue that I can not solve.

      I believe I am missing a small but some important parameter since I am new to js.


      Basically, I am creating a pdf form in Acrobat.

      I have 6 radio buttons in a group (group name: Group1) and each have different names.

      Independent than that I have some text field (layer name: "DayMonth-1") that I would like to display (which is hidden in default) if the user selects for example first radio button (layer name: "un_jour_precis" under Group 1).


      I used the following code as a MouseUp Event for my radio button:


      var x = this.getField("un_jour_precis"); if (x.value = "Off") {     this.getField("DayMonth-1").display = display.visible; } else {     this.getField("DayMonth-1").display = display.hidden; }


      But, nothing happens


      I would appreciate any corrections/suggestions!