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    Cannot open PDF attachments from Outlook when already have a PDF open (Acrobat Pro DC)



      I noticed that when I have a PDF file already open in Acrobat Pro DC, for instance opened it from a local disk, and then want to open a PDF attachment in Microsoft Outlook, it fails with the "Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server." error message.


      However, if I just close the PDF that is open and then try to open the PDF attachment of an email in Outlook it opens with no problem. Similarly, if I already have an PDF attachment open from Outlook (not a PDF instance from local disk, e.g.,) then when I try to open another PDF attachment in Outlook, it can open again with no problem.


      The opposite case, fortunately, does not cause errors. I.e., if I first open a PDF attachment in Outlook and then try to open PDF files from local hard disk, it opens them successfully.


      Btw, I noticed it is the same case when I open a PDF file from my browser while already having one from local hard disk open!


      In short, it seems if I already have open PDF files from one source (e.g., hard disk), and then try to open a PDF attachment from another source such as Outlook or Firefox, it fails.


      How is it possible to fix it? It is so frustrating that I have to close all my working PDF documents just to be able to view a PDF attachment.