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    Source Control for RH5 and 6

      We have two licenses for RH6 and four for RH5. Can we use the RoboSource COntrol 3 that came with RH 6 as source control for the projects from both RH5 and RH6 ?

      Seems like we should be able to, but we are just getting started on using RSC3 and details are hard to come by.

      Thanks for any assistance.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi tojo45.

          I fear you may have issues getting a response on this one as not many RH users use source control and of those that do most use other SS tools. However, I would agree that in theory you should be OK as all the source control s/w will do is check in/out files. It shouldn't care about what files they are. Also as RH6 and RHX5 are largely the same you would have less risk than if you had RH7 licences.

          I'd create some backups of RHX5 and RH6 files and run a few tests. That will probably be the only sure test.
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            tojo45 Level 1
            Thanks Andrew. I had posted on the Source Control forum and received no response so I tried this one and got yours. I kind of thought it should be ok but this reinforces my thought.

            Thanks again..