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    License Key ignored in Ant Build using dynamic RSLs

      We're using Flex Builder 3 Pro, using the data visualisation elements - column, line and pie charts. This displays fine when running from within Flex Builder (no water mark on the graphs), but doesn't seem to work when we do an ant build (the resulting swf shows the 'trial' watermark).

      I've looked at the documentation for specifying the license key information, and have tried all of them. I've even tried modifying the mxmlc ant task to output the actual command line parameter as specified in the documentation (for some reason the ant task uses licenses.license=xxx instead of license=xxx), but to no avail.

      We are using dynamically linked RSLs in the ant build script, and we do have multiple modules of our own that are we build; but we do specify the license for each of the build tasks.

      Changing to link the RSLs statically does remove the watermark from the charts.

      We've completely run out of ideas, so if anyone could help, that would be fab!