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    Photoshop CS5 on Mac - cannot print to printer


      Hi, I haven't seen this specific problem elsewhere, so I raise it now.


      Set up:

      Photoshop CS5 12.1.x64

      Mac running High Sierra 10.13.1, but this was also happening on earlier versions too

      HP Officejet Pro 8715, but this was happening on previous printers too.


      When working in Photoshop, I cannot get ANY work to print to my printer - none, nada, zilch!

      I can select File | Print..  and the print dialog box comes up, with my printer correctly selected.


      If I accept the defaults and simply click 'Print', I can sometimes - depending on what I'm printing - get a warning up stating "The image is larger than the paper's printable area - some clipping will occur".


      But after clicking "print" and dealing with any messages as above, NOTHING HAPPENS!  I do not get my printer popping up on the dock, as it does with all other applications.


      I can also, from the print dialog, select "printer settings" and apparently make changes to the printer settings, but as soon as I hit the print button - once again, NOTHING HAPPENS!


      I have even tried printing to a "PDF printer" and it will not create a PDF either.


      Bottom line:  CS5 seems to work perfectly fine but WILL NOT output ANYTHING to a physical or virtual printer.  ALl other apps on my Mac work perfectly fine and print to the printer as expected - just CS5 will not.


      Any ideas?