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    Slow Response Time - New LR CC


      I migrated from the old LR to the new CC.  When I did, I noticed the response time for edits is painfully slow.  Move a slider, wait 3-10 seconds for the photo to refresh.  Right click on a radial filter/brush/grad filter and hit 'duplicate', wait 3-10 seconds for the photo to refresh.  It happens if I have 3 filters, or 30 (OK, 30 is an exaggeration, but the point it the number of filters isn't really the issue).


      My computer is the same.  And I did not have this problem in the older version of LR.


      At first it was just a minor annoyance, but now it's significantly disturbing my workflow and my patience...and it's making me NUTS.


      Has anybody seen this problem before?  More importantly, what did you DO about it?  I tried contacting Adobe, but no luck.