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    LR CC on Mac not pulling in Subscription to enable full version


      So I downladed LR CC on my Mac using an enterprise ID.  We should have a Full Apps subscription, since I can download all the apps without worry of needing to buy. However LR CC went thru a trial run on my Mac and now when I click to subscribe (button on top) it just sends me to a landing page to purchase the software.  I am logged in with the same ID on the application as well as the creative cloud app that downloads the software. Weird thing is I’m fully sucribed on the LR CC mobile app, but on my main desktop at work the option to download LR CC from Creative Cloud is not an option.  Another wired nomenclature, talking to an adobe rep earlier, apparently my enterprise account doesn’t have any subscription applied to it and all the apps are in trial mode.  


      So I don’t know if this is an account issue on Adobe‘s end, an IT issue on my end or I simply don’t have a full apps subscription. 


      I just want to get LR CC working on my Mac