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    Quiz Project

      Hi Director fans, users and know-alls,

      I've put together a product training quiz, but I have hit a hurdle.
      At the end of the quiz - if they user has passed enough questions (basicially gotten to the last frame)
      I want to be able to collect their data - even if literally just THEIR_NAME & STORE_NAME.

      I'm thinking there are two options here
      1. Their details get emailed to me from inside the director program without any outlook or email program interuption/interaction. This would be brilliant!

      2. Their data gets posted as an additional line into a leadboard style file on the website the quiz program is running from.

      How do i do either of these options - If there is any other simple suggestions where my director program tells me (the creator) that the user has passed the quiz...I'd be most greatful.

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          > 2. Their data gets posted as an additional line into a leadboard style file on
          > the website the quiz program is running from.

          Check out http://www.shocknet.org.uk/index.asp
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            DirectEmail is a great xtra that can do the emailing thing for you.You
            can send anything to or from any address using a mail server or even
            without one (though without a mail server often fails due to anti-spam

            To do a leaderboard, the easiest way would be to setup a database on a
            server you own and have Director talk to it via php or some other server
            side language like that.
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              Have a look at this program. You can download it for free for 15 days. www.quiz-builder.com . Every thing here is in Flash format. Enjoy

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                Jim_@_Work Level 1
                Ok Direct Email Xtra - seems to be a pay for only option - on top of buying director? No thanks.

                Quiz Builder - Interesting suggestion - considering I've already built the quiz and just need a simple output that tells me something simple solution - why would i go down this path? Probably because its easier and simpler than director right?

                The Shocknet stuff looks great...and reads great - but is very intensive and i'll attempt giving some guest book / FileIO scenario's a go - but am not confident.

                Am I thinking director has minimal capacity to easily communicate with the outside world? Yes.

                Any other suggestions?
                I just want the movie to get to a frame - ask for two text boxes to be filled and in a fail safe manner put that information somewhere for me to review after the user has completed the movie......and i quote nopolean dynamite "GOOOAAAAUUSH!"

                ps thanks for replying fellas.