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    Change colors of "Update" versus "Install"

    gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

      Currently when we view our CC Apps we see the option to "Open" (in white) and "Update" as well as "Install" as blue.


      There are reasons why I have not installed all of the applications and am too busy to learn applications that I'm not likely to use. However, when there are updates to the applications that I do use, I wish to quickly notice them and act upon the update.


      Unfortunately it is impossible to simply scan for the update application because they are the same color as the Install applications, I have to spend a moment more of my time to see that it says Install instead of Update.


      The solution to this is simple: Please change the color of one of the two. I really do not care what the color is or which one gets the color change but perhaps "Green" for Update and "Blue" for Install. Again, I really do not care which is which or what color is used, just make it different.


      Thanks for considering this change


      And please add to this thread if you agree.