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    I can send vars to php but not load

      My AS2 script:

      var sen = new LoadVars();
      sen.nam = "mycont";
      sen.wor = "test";
      myvar = sen.wor;

      And I got a button with the script:
      on (release){
      _root.sen.sendAndLoad("this.php", _root.sen, "POST");

      And a textbox with the var "myvar".

      My PHP content is:
      $myf = "that.html";
      $cont = $_POST['nam'];
      $write = fopen($myf,"w+");
      $wor = fread($write, filesize($myf));
      $vars = "wor=" . $wor ;
      echo $vars;
      fwrite($write, $cont);

      When running it the send is succesfull because I can see that it edits my file.

      But nothing is get into my textbox.

      Whan is the problem? I try to fix it two hours already.

      Thank yo for your help...