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    Scaling in mx:HTML

      Hi all,

      I'm looking at loading a webpage in an mx:HTML object and then resizing/scaling the mx:HTML object as the application goes fullscreen or the window is maximised. However, when I do this, the webpage content that is being displayed is also scaled and the text and image quality deteriorate drastically -

      I was hoping to scale the surrounding mx:HTML object up when I go to fullscreen/maximised but keep the web page contents the original size - so that more of the web page becomes viewable in the mx:HTML.

      The blockiness I currently see in the enlarged web page images and text looks like the page has been cached as a bitmap and scaled up but setting the cacheAsBitmap property to false doesn't seem to help. Worse still, after having enlarged the webpage and then returning the size of the mx:HTML back to its original size, the web page seems to be displaying as a scaled down version of the enlarged blocky image.

      Once I change the scale of the mx:HTML I cannot seem to recapture the original image/text quality!

      Has any one come across this? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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          Joe ... Ward Level 4
          Don't change the scale values, change the width/height. (In Flash, or when using Sprites, the two operations are normally synonymous, with sometimes surprising results. Flex components override the width and height to decouple them from scaling.)

          Changing the scale values back to 1 should restore the image quality, in any case.