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    Premiere Pro interface looks soft

    danieln82440300 Level 1

      Good evening folks,


      I got my Dell XPS 15 9560 2 days ago and I've had a few issues with it, one of them is a very recent one and an odd one. My friend/colleague bought the same exact model and he doesn't have this issue.


      The issue is, my premiere looks soft. The text of the files in the timeline look like they have the wrong resolution compared to the computers resolution. I got the 4k model so my resolution is set to 3840x2160 and I've scaled it down to 175%.


      I tried reinstalling it as well as changing back to 250% scaling on the resolution which is the factory setting of it, but I still had the same issue. I've compared it side by side to my colleague and there's definitely a difference. His text all over the program looks sharp and the way it should be while mine look like it's not really corresponding with the rest of the computer's resolution.


      If you guys would be so kind and look at the screenshots I've attached you'll see the difference between our computers and when I look at the screenshots where it's very apparent that something is off with mine. Any ideas what that might be?


      Thanks in advance!