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    FTP window

    Squiggy2 Level 1

      When I upload a ton of files at once, the FTP/Background File Activity window shows me what's uploading until it reaches about 1000 files. Then it just freezes. The files still keep uploading, I just don't get to see what they are. This has been going on for at least a year or so. I tried resetting my preferences and deleting the cache file. It happens on any website I work on and does the same thing when I'm downloading.


      Any ideas? Murray?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Background processes only reveal so much. 

          Go to Windows > Results > FTP Logs to see what's happening.

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            hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hello Squiggy2,


            it's well known, that in all these cases you describe I'm not a friend of a detailed troubleshooting. To be able to be independent in all this things It is one of the reasons why I prefer an external FTP program. The difficulties with which you have to fight encourage me in this opinion, not least because we always search for experts, we don't charge a "jack of all trades".


            To manage several websites or to upload my files and sometimes for the opposite way, for a necessary download from my server or to use a "a site-wide synch", I'm using FileZilla. It simply looks easier for me to keep track of all operations precisely and generate or reflect easily the desired tree structure.


            Above all, FileZilla has a feature (translation from my German FileZilla) called "compare file list". Here it's possible to use file size or modification time as a criterion. There is also the possibility to "hide identical files", so that only these files which you want to redact remain visible.


            And even if it means you have to install a new program, I am convinced that there is an advantage and it's worth giving it a try.


            Here the links to get it and where you can read informations about how it works:

            http://filezilla-project.org/ and http://wiki.filezilla-project.org/Tutorial#Using_the_site_manager

            Mac: Mac OS X (Use: Show additional download options)



            Of course, you also need all the access data to reach your server and for MIME issues, you should contact your web host/provider.


            Good luck!




            Since I use two screens, the whole thing became even more comfortable.

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              Squiggy2 Level 1

              Are the logs shown in real time?

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                Squiggy2 Level 1

                Thanks Hans. I have Filezilla and use it on occasion. I was just wondering about Dreamweaver. Yes, having two monitors is fantastic. I couldn't work with just one monitor.

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                  Squiggy2 Level 1

                  Tried that. The window is empty.

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                    Preran Adobe Employee

                    Just to be sure, does this issue exist only with DW and not with Filezilla? Not trying to compare the two here, but I am trying to be sure that the issue isn't specific to your computer.


                    From what I know, there haven't been significant changes to the FTP feature in DW in the previous year, so it is possible that what you are experiencing is a limitation or a bug. I suggest getting in touch with Adobe Customer Care Contact Customer Care for further investigation.




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                      Squiggy2 Level 1

                      When I try to go through customer care, I get sent back to the forums... I appreciate irony, but that's ridiculous.

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                        Preran Adobe Employee

                        Which version of Dreamweaver do you have? I am guessing that you were sent back to the forum because you have a version of Dreamweaver that is no longer supported. There have been several improvements to FTP in the latest version of DW CC.


                        Let us know if you are subscribed to DW CC.




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                          Squiggy2 Level 1

                          Dreamweaver CC 18.0, 10136 Build. Should be the latest.

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                            Preran Adobe Employee

                            Can you please send me your case number over a private message. To send a private message, click my picture and use the Message button. If you do not have a case number, send me your Adobe ID (email ID associated with your subscription.)

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                              Squiggy2 Level 1


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                                Preran Adobe Employee

                                Can you resend your ID? I received an empty message.


                                I tried using the email ID with which you are registered on the forums, but I don't see a case with FTP issue. Do you remember the agent that you chatted with? Can you send the name to me?


                                If you contact Adobe Support, you usually receive an email about your interaction. Did you not receive one?




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                                  Squiggy2 Level 1

                                  I didn't chat with an agent. I followed the link you provided and the only support option it gave me was a link back to the forums. I was logged in at the time.

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                                    Preran Adobe Employee

                                    From what I know, some of the options are not displayed if agents are busy at that moment. I am not very sure however.

                                    Did you try using this route after opening the site


                                    Creative Cloud All apps > Dreamweaver > Troubleshoot > Show more options?

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                                      Squiggy2 Level 1

                                      I'm not seeing that route under Dreamweaver...


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                                        Preran Adobe Employee

                                        I was referring to this link I sent you previously


                                        Contact Customer Care

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                                          Squiggy2 Level 1

                                          Ah, got it. Chatting now, thanks.