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    Create angle, reflected, diamond gradient using actionscript

      As you know, in Graphics class there is beginGradientFill method to draw
      beginGradientFill(type:String, colors:Array, alphas:Array, ratios:Array, matrix:Matrix = null, spreadMethod:String = "pad", interpolationMethod:String = "rgb", focalPointRatio:Number = 0):void
      I saw that the first parameter "type:String" only have two values: "linear" or "radial". In photoshop, beside theses there are "angle", "reflected", "diamond" gradient type also.
      So which class (or libraries etc) I can use in order to create "angle", "reflected", "diamond" gradient using fully actionscript?
      Or "angle", "reflected", "diamond" gradient type can not be implemented using AS?
      Could anyone point me to the right direction?
      many thanks and best regards