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    Mini Bridge Failure



      Apparently out of the blue, when loading Photoshop CS5 Mini Bridge never starts, the window is completely blank. It has worked perfectly well for many years.

      Bridge works okay and I have tried all the 'tricks' listed in the forum. In addition I've run system scans and repair services. I've re-install PS, done a restore, restored a backup image from a date I know to have been a good backup and the most drastic operation was to do a new clean install of windows and then copied by backup image onto it. I'm not prepared to do a new Windows install just to get Mini Bridge back as I will lose software that I can't now replace.


      It may not be important but a few days before PS gave problems Thunderbird stopped passing e-mail addresses to the e-mail when you clicked reply to sender.


      I seem to think that there is some background process deep in the OS that is not allowing communication between apps?


      PS = CS5 Extended v12.0.4 x64

      OS = Windows 10 Home v1703 build 15063.674



      I've now noticed that special mouse button functions will not work in Bridge.


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