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    IE11 crashes with FlashPlayer 27.0.0.x when using a Flex application




      We are using W7 64bits workstation with Flash Player to access a Flex server application. Since we updated our workstation with Flash Player 27, we have Internet Explorer 11 crashes.

      When looking at the event log, we can see an event caused by one file belonging to Flash Player.



      We tried to update to minor versions of FP ( => => => but the issue happens still.

      We know that this version 27 of Flash Player is the rootcause because when we downgrade the station to FP26, there is
      no IE11 crash and the application is working fine.

      However, we cannot downgrade our stations to FP26 for security concerns.


      Please find attached to this post a DxDiag.txt file to describe our configuration



      Do you know about this issue ?  it seems some others peoples reported similar issue, but they have no means to solve it. Do you think a new minor update of FP27 or a new update of FP28 will be released soon and will solve this issue ?