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    Existing Flex App With Air

      I have been working on a large Flex App using CFM as the db access layer. Essentially I understand that AIR will allow my RIA which is currently solely used in a browser run off line as a desktop app. However, my question is what's involved in modifying this application to push 'new' data added while off line back to the db when a connection becomes available.

      Some guidance on this subject would be great, or is this something which should require no modification?
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          Dr. Fred Mbogo Level 1
          AIR doesn't give you any synchronization mechanisms. It's entirely up to you how you manage offline operation.

          What AIR actually does is provide an out-of-browser runtime environment for Flex apps, plus some additional APIs that Flex couldn't give you due to its browser-based nature. Among them are access to a local database, plus more generalized local filesystem access. Between these two things, you can store local changes while offline, then work out some way to push them to the server at a later time.

          You might make your first step into the AIR world just a simple port of the existing application to run under the AIR framework. This won't give you any new offline capability, but it will let the app run as a desktop app, outside a browser. This may make more sense for your type of application. Then once you get that going, you can worry about synchronization.