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    Extended license info and restriction


      I have a doubt on my extended license.

      I have bought my extended license of an image (number 89826932) but I do not understand if there is any kind of restriction on the image or it is completely open to be used, not depending on numbers of visualisation or copies.

      I do not see any kind of restriction but I would like a confirm by some members more advanced than me. 


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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Alex,


          Kindly go through https://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe_Stock_Terms-en_US-2017063 0_2200.pdf to know about the licensing terms and restrictions.


          Also, I would like to let you know that with Extended licenses you can use the asset in email marketing, mobile advertising, social media, or a broadcast program. Assets may also be featured on merchandise or products for resale, however, the ownership of the image is non-transferable, hence one cannot use the image to create or publish anything in their own brand. Even if selling the images in form of t-shirts or any other customizable items with the brand name of the shop is not permissible as it removes the rights of Adobe Stock and hence a conflict.


          You may also refer to Common Questions, Adobe Stock for more details.


          Hope this information helps!


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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            alexb50237689 Level 1

            Dear Twarita,


            Thank you for your great explanation and help.

            May I ask you one more clarification about that.


            If I am making a music video and a cover album with that image (of course

            edited a bit with logo and band name) may I use it ?

            If (in the best prospective) I will earn a bit from that is there any

            problem? any restriction?

            Because I bought that image just because in the page there where the

            extended license and I supposed (as I read in the image page) I could use

            it for commercial use in print and digital platform.


            Thank you for you help.




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              alexb50237689 Level 1

              I bought the image because in this image is written that I can use it without restriction and also for merchandising etc.licenza estesa.PNG

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                twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

                Hi Alex,


                You are allowed to use the Adobe Stock photo for the cover album provided you follow all the legal restriction terms. Additionally, you are required to add credits to the images as well.

                Kindly go through the link shared above to know more about the licensing terms and restrictions.

                You may also refer to Common Questions, Adobe Stock  for more details.


                Also, You need to have complete ownership of the image you use for your  logo or brand name, since logos are intended to be registered and protected to prevent other companies or organizations from using the same image. Because Adobe Stock only grants a right to use images and does not transfer the ownership, these images cannot be used in or as a logo.




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                  alexb50237689 Level 1

                  Hi Twarita

                  sorry if I bother you again.

                  Supposing I won't do a logo with the image, but I will make a video with the image in the background just for 1 - 2 seconds (and upload it to youtube for example) and I will make the cover music album  (always using the image as background, not being part of the logo, just background a bit edited merging another image for example). Is it possible?

                  Adding the credits during the video and in the cover music album, that can avoid the restrictions?
                  (credits is adobe stock or the photographer?)


                  Sorry if I ask you again but in the image's page when I bought it I understood it was completely free to use (sell, duplicate and viewed without limit as shown in the picture above) and there weren't any point with restrictions.


                  Now I am confused about it and I don't understand if I can use it or not.


                  I ask you again because there is a contradiction between the pdf you link above and the terms in the image page (the image I post above where is written for example in the last point that is possible place in merchandising and sell it).

                  In the terms that there are a lot of restrictions (point 4.1). Seems it is not possible to sell, duplicate etc the image and it is the opposite of what it was in the page where I bought the image. In that page it seems to be possible duplicate the image and copy without limit also on merchandising. That was the reason why I bought it.


                  I attached the link to the image so you can check it if may helps.


                  The image is Colored powder on black background - immagine | Adobe Stock



                  Thank you again Twarita for all your support.



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                    Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

                    Hi Alex,


                    You can definitely use the images or videos in your work provided you mention the credits as stated above.


                    Additionally, be sure to know the correct license as per your requirement of use.