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    Password recovery of admin user


      Hi All,


      Can anyone help me with restoring the forgotten password for admin user of CQ4. This was used by us long back the admin password is missed. I tried changing the encrypted password in the server.xml file with <crypt>adpexzg3FUZAk</crypt> but it did not help. Is there any other way around to get it (The instance is not being used by anyone so we do have details of administrators also).


      Thanks in advance!


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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

          ouch ... Communique 4... Are you using contentbus or CRX?


          When you use contentbus, I would check the file representing the handle for a user with a known password, copy the crypted password from there and then insert it at the location where the crypted password of the admin is stored. Never dealt with Communique 4 and CRX.


          It's been about 8 years since I dealt the last time with it, so I forgot most of the details.