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    Problem saving selection


      I have been working over several days on building up a very complex selection within a photo. Each time I add a bit too it, I save it by adding it to the existing channel. When I last opened the file and loaded the selection, I noticed that somehow the selection has expanded in some places by a few pixels, so that it is no longer the same as when I saved it. This means that I have to go back over most of the work I have done, adding hours to the job. This is incredibly frustrating, and it destroys my confidence in going forward, as what is the point of doing all the work if the selection is not going to be stay exactly as I have made it. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Any ideas of what might cause it and how I can prevent it happening again?


      I am using Windows 7 64, Photoshop CS4 (32 bit version)

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Skypilotpete,


          Could you please let us know if this issue is happening with multiple files or one specific file?


          Also did you try resetting the preferences of Photoshop: Preferences in Photoshop




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            skypilotpete Level 1

            I am not a regular photoshop user, and I am not working on more than one project at the moment, so I have only had the problem happen with that one file. 

            My suspicion is that I was causing the problem by incorrectly saving the selection after adding to it. My method, when the error occurred was as follows;

            - I would load the existing selection, then add some more too it. Then, to save the enlarged selection I would use the option - "Save Selection - Add to Channel". This meant that I was adding the entire selection (including what I had previously saved) to the saved selection. Since I have started using the option "Save Selection - Replace Channel", the problem has not recurred. This may be entirely coincidental, but I can't think of anything else.