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    Troubleshooting Photoshop Filters


      Hello, i am new to the Adobe forms and i got a wired bug (the first one that i ever had that was so annoying to me). At the moment i am retouching some portraits and i wanted to get rid of the dirt at the background so i tried to do this on my main workflow. I copied the background layer (as backup) and wanted to use the


      Filter > Surface blur.


      But i instantly saw there is something wrong. The preview window and the layers showed me an empty layer instantly when i started the surface blur. So i tried to blure the Background layer it-self. There was no glitch available. As well i had some problems with the Camera Raw Editor/Filter and Highpass Filter.






      The system i use is...



      Adobe Photoshop CC 2018



      Macbook Pro 15" Retina (Mid 2014)



      Intel Core i7 2,5 GHz



      NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

      Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB


      16GB DDR3 1600MHz Ram


      I already tried to figure out what i did wrong or is the problem on my Hardware/Software.


      I thought there is a Installation problem so i tried following

      - Reinstallation of Photoshop (didnt helped)

      - reset of photoshop standards (didnt helped)


      Google showed me some troubleshooting posts of the adobe forms that i tried:

      - deactivating the gpu in the photoshop preferences (didnt helped or changed anything)

      - changing to the better gpu in the MAC system preferences - maybe its a problem with the Intel Iris Pro (didnt helped or changed anything)


      Maybe a reinstallation didnt helped because of some hidden files or a virus

      - i reinstalled the whole Mac OS X system - formated the harddrive (didnt helped)


      Cuda driver or Updates to the Mac OS X

      - i updated to the newest version of the Mac OS Sierra (didnt helped)

      - Cuda Driver update (didnt helped)


      I hope anyone can help me to solve this problem or tell me if anyone had the same problem and experiences with that.

      Would be awesome


      best regards Montreyyy