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    Looping a gif in Animation (Timeline)


      I'm new to making gifs and am currently trying to make a 60fps gif with 60 frames.

      I have been using the frame animation window but found that converting to timeline animation allows me to set the frame rate to 60fps. When I convert back to frame animation it automatically goes back to 30 fps. When I try to save the gif from the timeline animation window it doesn't loop, meaning at the minute I have to choose between a looping gif or a high frame rate one.


      Is there any way I can either set the frame rate on the fame animation window or make the gif loop on the timeline animation window? I'm using CS5.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          GIFs effectively have no framerates. Each frame can have a different duration, hence your request and workflow makes no sense at all. The rest are technical limitations inherent in teh format. Regardless, I don't know what it should matter. You can set looping in the Save for web dialog and hope for the best. There's no guarantee that your file will play at full 60 FPS, anyway. Again, you are misunderstanding the limitations of the file format and expect it to do miraculous things it isn't designed for.



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            WILDCAT54 Level 4

            Mylenium is correct in his response,


            Also, if you are just simply wanting to view your loop while in the timeline you can check Loop Playback here

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              GreenFrogPublishing Level 1

              Hi, well, your window is showing what I'm seeing in Photoshop; but I don't see that window in the documentation, which shows a completely different window. Documentation is saying that the Timeline menu starts with New Frame. My Timeline menu matches yours.


              Are you able to share how we create a gif using the Timeline menu that you are I are seeing?


              Thanks much!