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    iOS 11 (Safari) 33 fps throttle in low power mode!




      Apparently all apps/games built with PhoneGap Build are throttled to 33 fps on devices with iOS 11 if low powered mode is enabled on the device! This does not happen to games that are not packaged html5 (perhaps they get less hardware resources but the fps is still 60).


      This seems to happen because there apparently is a general 33 fps throttle in Safari in iOS 11 when low power mode is enabled. I've done some tests and it happens regardless of how resource heavy your app/game is!


      I guess that's fine for websites but if it's a packaged game the 33 fps throttle is just to much! Does anyone know if there any way to disable the fps throttle in Safari for developers? I get that you can't disable low power mode, but the fps throttle is there even for the simplest project that the device should be able to run just fine in 60 fps even with low power mode enabled!