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    Print Module / Crop Issue

    aeiou112358 Level 1

      Hi there at the Forum!


      I'm trying to print several dozens of pictures of different aspect ratio. Two images are on one sheet.


      Because the images have different aspect ratios I need to move some of the images in the frame of my print-layout to get the crop right. I was assuming that when I adjust an image's crop in the print module, that it would also be printed like that (WYSIWYG).


      Problem is: the "printed" Version (I'm "printing" to jpeg right now, so it's not really printed yet) has not the same crop as the layout on the monitor.


      Please compare the upper image-pair (as it was printed) to the lower image-pair (as it was layouted by me): the crops are dery different:

      Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 19.50.04.jpg

      Is it a bug?


      The images are automatically rotated into the layout (the print above is originally turned 90degrees to the left, I just turned it so it's better to see here). I assume that this is the setting that mixes up my crops?


      Would be great if someone has a solution to that problem (please don't tell me that I should just crop all my images, it's only my last resort).


      Is there another quick work-around?


      Cheers, S