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    Help test new beginner Lightroom CC tutorials!

    ale-to Adobe Employee (Admin)

      Adobe is creating a new series of Getting Started Series tutorials for Lightroom CC. In order to give users a smooth experience with these tutorials after they're rolled out, we want to test the tutorials with as many people as possible.


      We are therefore looking for volunteers willing to take one or two tutorials, each of them made up of 3-5 videos, and to answer a short survey about them. (In past tests for other apps, we've sent prospective testers all 10 tutorials, but this time we're just going to send each person just two.)


      Who? Although everyone is welcome to chip in, we are especially interested in testers who fit this profile:

      • Has never used Lightroom or Lightroom CC before
      • Motivated to learn
      • (optional; no more than 5-10 testers per product) Willing to meet with us in-person for detailed feedback


      Timeframe? Nov 10 to Nov 22, 2017


      How? If you would like to participate, respond to this thread saying you're interested and whether you're a beginner, and intermediate user, or an advanced user with Lightroom CC. We'll follow up with you via e-mail.


      Thank you!