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    How do I change the main data entry highlight color in CC2018?

    digidandan Level 1

      I am using CC2018. I have chosen the color theme "Light". All colors throughout are fine and the way I like them while writing code EXCEPT in one place. When I go to the DW interface itself to set up a new site, for example...SITE >NEW SITE>, the data entry field highlight color is so light that I am having trouble seeing what I am highlighting. Can I change just this one color to a darker color. I know I can customize a theme, but it is way over my head finding what to change and how. I have gotten as far as being able to copy the "Light" theme and make a "new editable" theme from it, but don't know where or what to change to make this one color darker. Any help would be appreciated. I have attached a sample where the "site name" field is highlighted in the default color.