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    When transforming font in Photoshop 2018, warp tool doesn't appear

    samy21257410 Level 1

      I'm trying to match some font to this "road" I made in photoshop 2018, and there is a handy button that allows you to warp it even moreso than just the transform tool.


      It's right beside the yes and no symbols and next to Interpolation: (blank) on the top (if you have the usual format layout). Looks like a warped window with an arrow arc'd underneath it.


      When you transform font using this tool, the warp box doesn't appear over it. I also can't change font with one corner point edited. Like you alt-click and drag one corner, how the other 3 stay the same but drags that corner out... Doesn't work!!! Works on everything else but fonts.


      Please help me....