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    Pop Ups in Muse

    David Healy Level 1

      Can I have a button


      • where a popup appears when I hover over it,
      • that disappears when I roll off it
      • that flows with the text with the text just flowing around the button and not the PopUp too
      • and that can be hidden when I am editing


      With the Lightbox Display function with Scattered I can have it Show Target: On Rollover and Hide Target: On Rollout but the box for “Show widget parts while editing" is inactive. Lightbox position doesn’t offer the On Rollover or On Rollout options.


      Is there a way I don’t know? I can Is there an app that does that? It seems like it should be part of Muse because it is so simple.



      Let me know



      Here are some screen shots of the controls I want:



      with this control available too: PastedGraphic-2.png


      popup_animation.gifPlease send solution to dh@first-image.com

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          ankushr40215001 Adobe Employee

          Hi David,


          I suggest you to give a try to Tooltip widget which looks closer to what you are trying to achieve!


          However the  only point is "Show widget parts while editing" will be inactive.


          Although it is in our pipeline for next update.