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    xfinity has trouble accepting update flash on my imac


      I have an iMac.  Recently, Xfinity streaming (to watch TV or get at my DVR) is having trouble with my adobe flash even though I update it over and over again as it continues to ask.  Never had trouble before.  Why isn't it accepting the updates?  Other websites that use flash have no problem.   Could it be that maybe Xfinity is a complex website that requires extra security like McAfee?  Normally Adobe does not like these things.  


      Or something got on my computer that is bothering interaction between Adobe flash and Xfinity?  I checked my applications for anti-virus software and found none that I recognize from the file names;  and temporarily moved malware megabyte to trash.    No help.


      One time I tried to open up the Adobe flash folder or file or whatever it is and I messages to buy McAfee which would not take no for an answer unless i shot down Safari.   Megabytes removed malware which might be related to unrequested messages to update flash.  End up with Comcast it seems wanting to sell me McAfee.  I don't know if how this is related.