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    Muse CC 2018 Master page is not playing well.

    Girlwerksmedia Level 1

      I'm building a site with 6 pages all coming off A Master.

      When I make changes...there is one page that doesn't respond. I've tried placing it on top..refreshing..nothing is working.

      It is quite noticable in the menu, there is a huge gap in just one page- the rest of the pages respond perfectly.

      The page in question is Petitions , 3rd over from left. I know an option is to maje that one page with a BMaster but seriously...this should be working.

      You can see by the screenshot below..3rd page from left..there is a serious gap in the menu... the other pages are not completed yet.

      One of these is not like the other!

      Screenshot 2017-11-09 20.25.08.png