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    Photoshop Print settings failing on iMac

    Rob Follett

      My problem:  ONLY on my 5k iMac, not PC or other Mac, the Display shown on the Print Setting in no way matches the display on Photoshop.  It is set up for an Epson 3880 pro.   Yes, I have at least 15 years experience in color management =-= Yes, my monitor is calibrated with a Syder5 pro,


      I am using Adobe RGB 1998 Profile throughout my workflow.  I am using the proper Epson ICC's, Relative Colormetric,   And Yes, it is set to "Photoshop Manages Colors -- I really do know this stuff...


      But, the printer matches what is displayed within the Photoshop Print Setting Box -- Desaturated from what Photoshop itself displays.  I have never seen this before, on PC's and my other Mac.


      Oh, and all software is up to date, iMac Hi Sierra, PS CC 2018


      And to Add... LightRoom Prints the same image correctly -- with the same settings!


      -- Rob


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