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    Premiere Pro Exporting Issues - Video Listed as 0:00 in Length


      I am trying to export a 36 minute video that I am planning on uploading to YouTube. The footage was captured with an Elgato in 720p and then imported into PP.


      When I attempted to export as a H.264 (which I have seen as the suggested format for YouTube videos) with the YouTube 720p HD preset selected the video produced is listed as 0:00 in length with a minuscule file size. I have tried pressing 'queue' and going through the encoder as well as hitting 'export' for the straight export.


      Even now as I look at the 'export settings' page it shows me that the estimated file size is 33 KB which is much too small for a video of this size.


      Any advice on what I am doing wrong would be much appreciated. Thanks!