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    Opened files in Photoshop CC all appear black. What should I do?

    aranee Level 1

      I've just updated to the earliest version of Photoshop cc about a week ago. First time I open the program is by clicking "Edit in Photoshop" from Lightroom Classic CC. A couple of times the pictures appeared black in Photoshop and I just closed the files. Then I tried the same thing again and twice it showed the pictures and I could edit and save them. Another day I used "edit in Photoshop CC" in Lightroom again, and the picture appeared as gray and white little pixels. I then tried opening files directly from Photoshop CC and they all appeared gray and white pixels.

      Then I tried uninstalling and then I restarted my computer and then reinstalled Photoshop CC. When I opened files, they all appeared black on screen. Well, actually if it's a JPEG file, it's black (on the small  layer window on the right of the screen, it still shows the picture, but the picture on the main screen is black. If it's a Raw file, the Camera Raw window came first and showed the picture. But when I clicked "open image,"  it showed all black on the main screen again.

      Anyone has any idea what happened and what I should do?

      Thank you for your help.


      Screenshot 2017-11-11 15.54.03.png