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    Index.htm does not “put” corectly


      :i use dreamweaver cc 2017.i created a home page with a masthead section, which has an imaga as its background, and text on top.

      when i am working on it, it looks nice, picture on top, text nicely formatted. I use css3, and it works in dreamweaver.

      when i  transfer (put) the file to my hosting company, i do not get the image, the image is missing, the text is crowded, and it looks ugly.

      i deleted the file from the server and reloaded it dozens of times, re did the css files, but each time there is no background and my text overlaps.

      since i am stubborn, i have been doing this for 8 hours.

      why is my page not “putting” properly?

      i tested, and ftp is working.