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    Creating an animated time lapse from a single image

    zachd6302103 Level 1

      Here is what I want to do:


      Take a single RAW image and manipulate the curves setting (Photoshop/Lightroom) over a period of time, with non-linear interpolation between keyframes.


      PART 1: BEST SOFTWARE for exponential/polynomial interpolation between keyframes:

      So this is really a two part question. For the first part, I need to know which software out of these 5 would offer the best workflow for this task. I have access to all of them, however photoshop is the only one I'm currently fluent with. But I can easily learn whichever need be.


      1. Premiere Pro

      2. After Effects

      3. Photoshop

      4. LRTimelapse

      5. Final Cut Pro


      PART 2: Working with a single image:

      Is there a better way to do this than making 1000 copies of the same image and treating it as a standard time lapse sequence? Like some sort of pointer to the image with changing camera raw settings in time space?


      Any other insights on relevant workflow is also appreciated.



      -Zach D