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    Lightroom CC: Syncing stuck forever

    maho70 Level 1

      All-new lightroom CC seems to get stuck syncing the catalgue to the cloud. There is a long thread here with dozens of users with the same problem.


      Lightroom CC: Syncing stuck forever | Photoshop Family Customer Community


      Anyone who can help here?




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          stefanot20488463 Level 1

          Honestly, this is getting ridiculous.

          Plenty of people with this problem, I'm seeing my uploads going from ~2670, down to 2500 and then back to over 2.6k.

          No idea of what's going on, no way of seeing logs and it's been over a week now.


          Any news about this?

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            grahamh80224576 Level 1

            I am having the same problem and getting more and more frustrated by it

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              Chris St Level 1

              Same issue here. I tried to write a bit about my symptoms and some errors that I see here Initial sync gets stuck

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                maho70 Level 1

                you can find a fix for the problem here: Lightroom CC: Syncing stuck forever | Photoshop Family Customer Community



                1. In the My Photos area in the left pane, select the All Photos album.
                2. Switch to the Square Grid view (), which displays photos as equal-sized thumbnails along with their flag status, sync status, and rating.
                3. While holding down the Alt key (Win) or Option key (Mac), click the cloud icon (). Lightroom CC now displays only those photos that it's trying to sync.
                4. Press Ctrl+A (Win) or Command+A (Mac) to select all the photos displaying in the grid and then do any of the following:
                  1. Delete the selected photos by choosing the Edit > Delete option and then add the photos in Lightroom CC again.
                  2. Apply a flag or a star rating to selected photos.

                The syncing issue should now be resolved. To check the sync status, click the cloud icon () at the upper-right corner.

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                  Glimglammed Level 1

                  Still happening to me. The suggested "fix" works, but I shouldn't have to baby sit my 16,000 photos while they upload. The 1.1 release hasn't fixed this issue for me. After about 15-20 photos uploaded, it just sits there for hours and refuses to actually sync another photo until I either A: follow the suggested "fix" which makes it work for another 15-20 photos, or B: restart Lightroom CC. When is it expected for this bug to be fixed?

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                    docwel Level 1

                    I have 7 photos that have been syncing for days. I tried the above action (option button pressed while clicking cloud syncing icon) and no photos were shown. I have 36 photos stuck in eternal syncing on my iPad.

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                      Neox99 Level 4

                      my 16,000 photos. . ."


                      Cause identified. 16,000 files, divided into little 'packets', (Google FTP and Packet Switching) each being sent on a different route, thru 15 or more 'hops' to Adobe, over Lord knows what kind of networks, all at the very same time the same 16,000 files are being sent back down a different 'highway' to synced computers/devices.

                      There's an unlimited number of possible causes for a 'traffic jam' that are outside the Adobe software responsibility.

                      It would be nice if we all had $15,000 workstation computers and fiber, private network connections port to port, but ALAS!

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                        Same problem.  It isnt that many shots, and they are just sitting there syncing eternally even after the "fix".

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                          RunWithScissorsRWS Level 1

                          Seems like a difficult method to get them moving.  I would think it can't be too hard to add sync status to the filter box at the top of the screen.


                          But that's only the first part of the problem... there is a method above to select only the items not yet sync'd.  I can delete these, and re-add them.  Great.  I have to look through my original storage location for hundreds to thousands of files, INDIVIDUALLY, and I can re-add them.  That won't take any time at all.


                          Maybe a clickable "open file location" button would help.


                          Adding a max upload bandwidth speed would also be a welcome addition.

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                            danielw7486410 Level 1

                            ... fix this bug already!

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                              Same problem. Struggled with drivers and hardwares and finally concluded that sync freezes up the system everytime .  Very sad to see that a beta version has been rolled out without proper testing . No wonder the competition is gaining ground .

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                                I have the same problem. I am a new Adobe user and have just been using the trial version for the last few days. VERY FRUSTRATED. Lightroom CC only fit for the bin but Ive invested so much time in it already that Im reluctant to give up. Are there any working alternative software applications out there for photo mgt that do what they are supposed to and actually work!

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                                  nmorg2654 Level 1

                                  Agreed, this is completely absurd. If it wasn’t so ridiculously frustrating it would be quite funny - a somewhat fundamental capability for a cloud service.....


                                  Adobe, where are you? Awfully quiet on response given this has the potential to destroy your user base.


                                  I’ve spent the last 2 weeks attempting to add my back catalogue of photos. The only ‘fix’ (seriously?!) that has worked for me is as above, to pause synch, select all photos, change the star rating, resume synch. I leave it running permenantly and pause and resume every time I walk past it. Still seems to intermittently move things along. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


                                  On the plus side I’m 10k through and <6k to go. On the downside, I’m paranoid that the synch issue will be an ongoing issue which would be impossible to manage once I’ve actually started using the ratings.


                                  Adobe??? Any sign of an actual fix.....?

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                                    I have the same problem, and I'd like to try this solution, but I can't find the "cloud" icon (link to image is broken). Is anyone able to tell me where that is?

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                                      MicahBurke Level 1

                                      Why are you syncing 10k photos?

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                                        This horrible fix solution did not work for me. Just caused more frustration

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                                          smollica2 Level 1

                                          This did not solve my problem.  When I select the cloud icon, it shows no photos syncing as if all have been done.  I have had 22 photos showing as syncing in LR Classic for months.  Any ideas?

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                                            same problem here. Just keeps syncing for days.

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                                              landryd22 Level 1

                                              When I select All Photos, Grid View (shows images correctly) then proceed to Alt + Cloud Icon and I'm left with just a blank, no pictures are shown.  I cannot proceed to trying the rest of the "fix" because no pictures to delete or apply a flag or star rating.

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                                                Odiaz Level 1

                                                I have the same problem. I have been trying to sync the same photos for several days.  I've also been seeking an answer to the problem for days!

                                                Adobe, This should not be. Why is it so difficult to get an answer to this problem? 

                                                What are we paying $10 per month for, if not to get some meaningful help?

                                                I'm almost ready to give up, and look for other photo management/editing software.

                                                Meanwhile, my Apple Photos program is uploaded and synced - several thousand photographs and videos - i just a matter of a few hours. 

                                                I think I'm done with Adobe.  There products are too slow, too buggy, and way too clunky!

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                                                  It's in the very top right corner.

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                                                    smollica2 Level 1

                                                    I found that for some reason, only photo metadata was trying to sync.  I deleted the metadata for each file andthe problem was solved.

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                                                      mscdex001 Level 1

                                                      I am having this issue with 6 videos taken with my iPhone. I just get gray boxes on every device except the computer i uploaded them from. If i wasn't looking for the videos on my ipad, i might have deleted the originals and lost them forever. I tried uploading from the website and it says 3 are corrupted and the other 3 are too large. The PC app says that they are uploaded and synced but everything else says that it is still syncing. I am afraid that some more files falsely synced and i will lose those as well if i ever delete the originals. 

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                                                        It's in the upper r/h corner just below the X-to-close button.  However, pushing the Alt + Cloud icon did NOTHING for me.   I hope it works for you.




                                                        Still Stuck

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                                                          Any other ideas as this didn't work.

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                                                            rossk65316844 Level 1

                                                            I contacted Adobe support which is very easy to use and the operators are very helpful (all from India I think) and they took over my computer and tried to fix the syncing issues. I filed or logged 4 different complaints as I really wanted to get this fixed. The first agent spent 2 hours, 2nd agent spent 2 hours, 3rd agent spent 3 hours, 4 agent spent 5 hours and then eventually I got them to put me through to a supervisor and just told them that I wanted my money back that the Lightroom classic was crap, didn't work at all and WASN'T FIT FOR PURPOSE OR USE.

                                                            The supervisor eventually told me that they were having problems with the software and that hopefully it would be fixed in the next update. I was disgusted after all the time I spent waiting for their agents to fix it. Not one of the agents told me there was a problem with the software despite asking them several times each.


                                                            The customer support is very good and usable and professional but the product is absolutely CRAP. I am soooooo mad. They ended up giving me 3 free months. I am currently looking for an alternative software package to use as I have NO CONFIDENCE OR TRUST IN ADOBE with my photos (although to be fair Lightroom cc is working fine and I do like it as a standalone, but its no good to me on its own as I want to use the facial regognition feature on classic and I want to be able to backup all files to Hard Drive)

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                                                              Channing Walton

                                                              Hi, this no longer works in LR 7.5.


                                                              Does anyone know how to make it work?

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                                                                Channing Walton Level 1

                                                                I've found another way to find which photos are not synchronised:


                                                                1. Select All Synced Photographs
                                                                2. select all the photos (CMD+a, Ctrl+a)
                                                                3. In the keywords add a unique keyword (I used 'sync')
                                                                4. Go to All Photographs
                                                                5. Click 'Text' at the top
                                                                6. Then "any searchable field", and "Doesn't contain", and then your keyword ('sync' in my case)
                                                                7. You will now see all the photos that are not synced
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                                                                  So I've not found the fix, but I've found a way around it for now until they fix the newest update. If you go to your Creative Cloud and scroll down to Lightroom Classic. Where it say's 'Open' select the arrow next to this, and select 'Manage' and 'Other Versions'. Install the version before the most recent - for me this was 7.4 and I've found that all my photos are syncing in order and not freezing. It's not ideal that we can't have the newest update, but I don't think there is much to be missing out on but avoiding a rubbish bug and hours of stress!


                                                                  Hope this helps everyone else!