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    Edit in Photoshop doesn't return the edited file to Lightroom CC


      Steps to replicate

      • Choose original RAW, Edit in Photoshop / Command + E
      • Save edits, close edited file
      • New TIFF isn't created in Lightroom CC, neither is edited file shown in Photoshop CC recent files list/dashboard


      This happens 50% of the time, sometimes they work and return the edited files fine. The times they don't work, all changes are lost and no error message or notification is given. Contacted Adobe support regarding this issue the first time and they tried setting folder permissions to world writeable but that didn't solve the issue


      System info:

      MacOS High Sierra on Macbook Pro

      Lightroom CC 2018 (Cloud version, not classic version)

      Photoshop CC 2018


      Any idea anyone?

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          pschefz Level 2

          i think i did have a similar issue, fixing permissions seems to have taken care of it for me....

          since upgrading to high sierra i have ru into several issues related to permissions, and now apple has limited access to fixing things (cant change permissions to root anymore)

          not sure who is to blame, usually we, the consumer are stuck in the middle in situations like this....but i am pretty sure that adobe is already working on an upgrade to LR CC, it scares me a little to think about how many niggles have to be ironed out now that the release is out in the wild and people actually are using it......