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    Lightroom CC: Filter photos that are not in the folders


      I started importing my photos and see my folders are imported like following, which sounds like 57 of my photos does not belong to any of my album/folder.


      • All Photos: 826
      • Album A: 496
      • Album B: 273


      Probably I just forgot to specify the folder on import, but I do not want to check each photos to find the orphaned ones and put them in the correct folder.

      Are there any filtering feature that filters only the photos that are not included in any of the folders?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No that is not easily possible. In Lightroom Classic this is possible by selecting all images in all collections and going to all photos and doing an "invert selection" but Lightroom CC cannot invert a selection and its search features do not allow searching or filtering for being in an album or not.

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            Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

            If you actually have only two albums, the following procedure should work. It's a bit clunky, but would be fairly quick:


            • Select the All Photos collection, and then select either of the two grid displays.
            • Cmd/Ctrl+A to select all photos, and click on the Keywords icon, bottom of the right-hand side panel.
            • In the "Add Keywords" box, type in and enter any unique keyword, i.e. one that you've not used. That will add that keyword to all the photos.
            • Now select the first album, again do Cmd/Ctrl+A to make sure they're all selected. In the Keywords panel, the special keyword you added should appear in the section that says "Applied to All", hover the mouse over it and the keyword should turn red with a line through it, which means that if you click on that keyword it will be removed from the selected images. So go ahead and click on it.
            • Repeat for the second album, i.e. select all, then delete that special keyword.
            • Now the only images left in All Photos that still have that special keyword assigned will be those images that are not in either of those 2 albums. So if you click back on All Photos, then use the filter to filter on Keywords, then select that special keyword from the keyword list, bingo....you have all the photos that are not assigned to an album.
            • Create the album, then Cmd/Ctrl+A to select all those unassigned images and simply drag and drop them on the new album name. Then go ahead and delete the special keyword from those images.


            It'll probably take you less time to do it that it's taken me to type these instructions. I'm sure better methods will eventually appear as the app matures.

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              SoyNick Level 1

              Thank you, Jim. Worked like a charm!