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    Why do I have to "Reload" a webpage for a Flash video to become accessible ?


      In several placest at the website page ( http://www.outersecrets.com/real/biblecode2a.htm ), Adobe Shockwave Flash is required.

      I have the Adobe Shockwave Flash ( Ver ) installed in Firefox, and it is set to be "Always active".


      If I startup Firefox and go to the above website, all flash videos are working except one which requires a mouse click to enable, the one that is located below the yellow words "TORAH   CODES". Instead what I get here is nothing but the background image.


      However, if I then click on the Firefox "Reload current page" option, this corrects the problem and the video preview image appears. Meanwhile, this two time page loading requirement does not become a requirement if I instead use the Microsoft Edge browser.


      Computer System : Intel Code Duo E8400 @ 3.0GHz,

      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1703,

      Firefox 56.0.2 ( 64 bit ).


      This problem has not occured before as close to a decade has passed by.

      HELP !