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    is there a way to add(+) two loadedData

    gfxg29898003 Level 1

      Hi everybody

      As you will understand I am rookie in this.

      I am loading some data from a csv file. now I made some dynamic fields and one of should be the value loadedData[1][0]  + the value of loadedData[1][1],

      lets suppose that  the value loadedData[1][0]  is "3" and the value loadedData[1][1] is "2" , I do not get "5" but 32 insted. All other / * - work fine but nor the plus sign.

      I already tried adding brackets but nothing. By the way I use animate cc .


      example:  stats.st4.text = loadedData[1][0] + loadedData[1][1];


      Thanks in Advance



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