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    How do I disable the annoying but "helpful" video windows that pop up when hovering over a tool?

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      I am a full-on CC subscriber; not in trial mode.  I'm using Photoshop 19 (in the version of CC that updated in November 2017).  Every time I hover my mouse over a tool that I haven't used yet, a gigantic video tutorial popup pops up that shows me how to use the tool.  I've been using Photoshop since version 2.0, before there were layers; I know my way around the toolbar.


      How do I disable this "feature?"


      While I'm at it, there was some other video popup that tried to get me to learn how to place an image on an object in Dimension.  If I'm interested in using Dimension, I'll use it; I don't need you taking up my screen and brain space pointing it out.  How do I disable this "feature," as well?