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    photoshop/Lightroom cc


      Can someone tell me why photoshop won't open a photo in camera raw from Lightroom? It just opens up in the main photoshop screen, also I can't send photos back to Lightroom from Photoshop?


      Just bought this and I can't use it!


      Feeling very frustrated,




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          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Sally,

          Lightroom gives two options for opening images in Photoshop. The first is a straight forward import into Photoshop for editing, the second is as a Camera Raw Smart Object. If you select 'Edit in Photoshop' from the Photo menu in Lightroom Classic you will get the former, but if you select 'Open as Smart Object in Photoshop' what comes into the program is a Camera Raw Smart Object. This allows you to make edits without actually damaging the original image.



          It will look like a straightforward import, but if you double click the layer preview thumbnail then the actual image opens in Camera Raw



          You can now make any changes you want and then return to Photoshop. Changes made in Camera Raw are lasting changes to the actual image, changes made in Photoshop do not effect the master image. The advantage of using Camera Raw Smart Objects is that you can then use non-destructive 'Smart Filters' -which you may know about-suffice to say they are a better way of working with filters.


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            sallyr24170814 Level 1

            Hi Terri,


            Thankyou for that info it worked !!

            Just bought this and Im just learning lol, but greatly appreciated.


            Kind regards,



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              terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

              Glad it worked Sal. Enjoy Photoshop and if you have further problems come back as the experts here solve problems far quicker than Adobe technical support.