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    Lightroom 6 Installation Problems




      I am relatively new to photography and I recently decided it was time to upgrade to Lightroom 6. The price has always been a big barrier to me in the past, but everyone insists I cannot produce professional photography without it. I researched the differences between Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC 2015, and I decided that Lightroom 6 is better for me at this time. I bought a copy at Best Buy last week, and I immediately tried to install it. So far I have had two different problems with the installation that I cannot find answers to.


      First, my product came with a redemption code, not a serial number. When it was time to enter the serial number, I went to the webpage indicated on my card and entered my redemption code. However, it did not give me my serial number. It just said, "A serial number is not required at this time. To get started simply download / install the product, sign in with your Adobe ID, and it will be ready to use." Underneath was a big, blue download button, which I clicked. Then it began installing a Creative Cloud App on my desktop. When I looked at it, it said it was downloading Lightroom CC 2015. I do not want Creative Cloud. I want a standalone, perpetual license product. I don't understand why it was trying to download the wrong one when I specifically bought Lightroom 6. I quickly cancelled it and contacted customer support, who couldn't help me. What was I supposed to do to get my serial number and get it installed correctly?


      My second problem is quite different. I eventually had to close the program and take out my disk since it was going to be a while until customer support could do anything. Now when I put the disk back in and try to install it, it gives me an error message that says " OS requirement not met. WIndows Vista not supported." I am running Windows 7. I have never had Windows Vista in my life. Why on earth is it giving me this message??


      I was so excited last week to finally have Lightroom 6, but it's all been very frustrating so far. I hate to think that I spent so much money for nothing. I've spent the whole week going round and round with customer support, but I'm no closer now than I was when I started. They don't seem to have any clue, and just transfer me back and forth between departments. I'm beginning to feel like a ping-pong ball, and it's getting very tiring. If anyone knows how to help me that would be extremely appreciated!!