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    Is lightroom CC for ios/ipad changing the raw file once it passes through the cloud




      I have recently done the following experiment to try a new workflow.


      Download the raw files using the camera kit on the ipad on to Photos

      Once all photos are in

      Open lightroom cc on ipad

      Sync the few photos you wish to sync


      Once the computer:

      Save a copy of the photo from the sd card on to the drive

      Save that photo on to lightroom classic


      Wait until the lightroom cc syncs down a copy of the previous file you uploaded from the ipad


      Now compare both files on lightroom classic

      Files have different spectrums


      I would've thought there would no changes when the files travelled on to the adobe cloud and back down


      Are others experiencing this?


      I am probably not going to do this since it takes a great amount of time to sync up using the lightroom on the ipad.

      probably use it as a separate outlet and have a second set of photo backup when on the go

      but not for serious workflow