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    PPT capturing not working correctly

      I have a PowerPoint slideshow I need to run and capture audio. Basic as can be. However, Captivate only captures the first slide, or sometimes only the first and last. I tried using Full Motion Recording, but that records all the slides as one object. Surely there's a quick answer but I can't find it.
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          Hi yugcam,

          Welcome to the Adobe Captivate community!

          Have you tried the Import PowerPoint option in Captivate? Two ways of doing this:
          1. Click "Record or create a new project" on the welcome screen. In the New project options dialog, click on "Other" tab. Select "Import from Microsoft PowerPoint".
          2. Within an existing Captivate project, select File > Import > PowerPoint Slides.

          Are there any issues/limitations that you face with the above workflow?