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    How can I use the acceleration of the NVIDIA 1050's gpu on my notebook?


      Good evening,

      I own a laptop with the following features:



      Processor: i7 7700 HQ

      Intel integrated graphics card: Intel HD 630

      Nvidia dedicated graphics card: GeForce GTX 1050 (4GB dedicated)

      RAM memory: 16 GB

      Physical memory: ssd 256 + hard disk 1 tb



      During playback of anterprime and video editing (editing is the final export) no gpu nvidia is ever used, only the dedicated intel 630 video card is used that has much lower performances.

      In my case in particular I have to do a multicam with 9 video files in 1080p (recorded with professional and mobile rooms), all formats are in mp4.

      Obviously I have problems while playing previews during editing, the files are not played smoothly and many times the audio is not synchronized to the video (Especially when at the end of the installation I play all the piece with the 9 video tracks that start in synch , the video on the premiere application is ingenious, it fails to be played, the only way I have to see the result is to wait for the final editing "very long" to see how it came out. What's not very functional).

      I would like to know what to do in order to fully exploit the power of the dedicated NVIDIA video card that has never been used, and more that I can do to work this multicam smoothly.

      Thank you



      PS. The video card has been upgraded with the latest official driver available, I've also selected the "NVIDIA Control Panel" setting that decides to use the NVIDIA graphics card instead of the Intel. Obviously the result does not change.