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    I can't submit my TAX Form!


      OK, I just registered to become a contributor for both photo and video in Adobe Stock. I am a U.S. citizen living in Mexico, so I have to fill form W-9 so that 30% of my earnings do not get withheld. You have to change the form so people like me who are not living in the U.S. can select or write the state we live in according to the country of residence, otherwise I can't submit the form because I have to forcefully select one of the 52 U.S. states in the drop-down menu...


      Customer Support was of not much help, here's the chat I had with them, I don't think they even understood what I was talking about...


      info: You are now chatting with Umesh.
      Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.

        Umesh: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.

        Umesh: How are you ?

        Joe Giampaoli: Hi! Did you read what I typed as the topic?

        Joe Giampaoli: Fine thanks, hope you are well too...

        Umesh: Yeah

        Umesh: Thank you

        Umesh: Thank you for the information

        Joe Giampaoli: It's not really support what I need I just wanted to let you know and if you could let someone know about this so they can do something about it...

        Joe Giampaoli: It's not the first time this has happened to me

        Umesh: Alright

        Umesh: Can you please share your phone number in case if your chat got disconnected than in that case we will arrange a call back to you

        Joe Giampaoli: It's just the states, they have to add an option for people living outside of the U.S. that's all

        Joe Giampaoli: Sure!

        Joe Giampaoli: Here it goes with Mexico code:

        Umesh: So you are looking for a number ?

        Joe Giampaoli: +52 55 *********** (erased for security)

        Umesh: Thank you

        Umesh: So what,s your main concern ?can you please explain me that

        Joe Giampaoli: Not really, just someone to let the ones in charge with the tax info to update the form

        Joe Giampaoli: Well I can't submit my tax form until I select a state from the drop-down menu

        Umesh: Is it related to the tax ?

        Joe Giampaoli: yes

        Joe Giampaoli: as a contributor

        Umesh: Alright

        Umesh: Just give me one minute please

        Joe Giampaoli: ok

        Umesh: Thank you for staying on chat

        Umesh: Sorry for the delay

        Joe Giampaoli: it's OK

        Umesh: So do you have the document of tax that you are paying ?

        Joe Giampaoli: No, it's online, on the Adobe contributor site

        Joe Giampaoli: I have to fill it as a contributor

        Joe Giampaoli: fill it online....

        Joe Giampaoli: But I cant't submit it because of the sates

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: Oooops, I think I have to go for now...

        Joe Giampaoli: Maybe I can ask in the community forums?

        Joe Giampaoli: All I really need is someone to contact the webmasters regarding tax forms so they can change the option or add an extra field for people living in the U.S.

        Joe Giampaoli: Or if that form is directly from the IRS, they'll have to get in touch with them to do that change...

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: Because I think this might not be the type of things you deal with daily

        Umesh: So i asked my superviosr about it are you talking about tax exception form ?

        Joe Giampaoli: I know you are another type of support, more technical...

        Joe Giampaoli: Yeah, sort of...

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: It's so they don't take 30% of what I would sell a photo or video here in Adobe Stock

        Umesh: And your state is not allowing that form to get submitted ?

        Joe Giampaoli: No, the form can't be submited, I don't get the "next" to continue unless I choose the state in the form's menu

        Umesh: So you are facing an error in tax exception form ?

        Joe Giampaoli: But because I live in Mexico, I have no mexican states in the form, and can't type it in

        Joe Giampaoli: exactly

        Joe Giampaoli: I have to forcefully choose on of the 52 U.S. states

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: which doesn't apply in my case

        Umesh: Yeah

        Joe Giampaoli: well, if you can somehow get this through to someone who can see what can be done, that would be great, still I want to thank you for you attention

        Umesh: Give me one minute please

        Joe Giampaoli: can you give me an e-mail to contact the site's support?

        Joe Giampaoli: then I can explain to them and even send them a screenshot

        Joe Giampaoli: sure...

        Umesh: Alright

        Umesh: So what you  can do you can send the document to us of tax exception ?

        Joe Giampaoli: You mean send it physically? I thought I had to fill it online

        Joe Giampaoli: Because it's online, on the site

        Joe Giampaoli: This is the link to the form, I don't know if you can see it or not...

        Joe Giampaoli: https://contributor.stock.adobe.com/en/account/tax-third-step

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: Well I can download it also, I just did it, but I have to still select a U.S. state....

        Umesh: Have you got the any document of tax exception with you ?

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: I must go now

        Umesh: Alright

        Joe Giampaoli: I think I also have to contact the IRS office about this, something tells me that the form is originally forwarded from their side

        Joe Giampaoli: I think the error is originally there...

        Umesh: So you are having any document of tax exception of mexico ?

        Joe Giampaoli: No, I am U.S. citizen, but because I want to sell photos in the Adobe stock site, I want to fill the form so I am not charged the extra 30%

        Umesh: Alright so please fill the state name over there

        Joe Giampaoli: When I sell a photo or video, I want to receive as a any other regular contributor and not as a foreign contributor

        Joe Giampaoli: OK, I'll see if that can be done then...

        Joe Giampaoli: Still, thanks for your help

        Joe Giampaoli: Good luck!

        Umesh: Are you sure ?

        Joe Giampaoli: Yes, I must really go now

        Umesh: Alright

        Umesh: Sorry for that

        Joe Giampaoli: It's OK, dont' worry, I did this on another site also as a contributor, they took a long time to do the change, I'm sure I'll manage somehow...

      Joe Giampaoli: Take care and thanks again!