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    getting plugin-push to work (build.gradle / Android Support Library)



      I am totally confused and need help.

      Yesterday my working and published phonegap project decided to not work anymore, althoug I dont know what I changed. It told me "PushNotification is not defined".

      phonegap 7.1.1, android 6.2.3, phonegap-plugin-push 1.9.0


      I decided to update everything and hoped it would get better. But now nothing works anymore.

      phonegap 7.1.1, android 6.3.0, phonegap-plugin-push 2.1.0


      I tried to follow the steps in Firebase console, downloaded the google-services.json. But in step 3 it says I have to update my build.gradle. But I dont have such a file! I just have a build.json! Is it really necessary? Or will it work without? (I build and sign my project with commandline)

      Some pages told me the build errors will vanish if I update Android Support Library. But in my SDK Manager I only have Android Support Repository.
      I followed Support Library Setup | Android Developers  to add this Library, but again it says I have to add it to build.gradle.

      What is the right way to go?

      Thanks in advance.