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    Loaded flash 8 swf's instance problem !

      I am loading a Flash 8 .swf file in Flex 3. Initially its working fine.
      But whenever we tried to load a another instance of that swf or trying to load in a separate container again, its producing wrong output with colors and mouse events.
      We tried with the same swf file making two different file (map1.swf, map2.swf), and loading them separately. But its also buggy.
      The MovieClip structure of one swf (map1.swf) in flash is like - _level0.Map.Map.NA.
      We made one swf 's (map2.swf) structure to test like - _level0.Map2.Map.NA
      Where colours of 'NA' instances are depending on xml and mouse event applied to them.
      If we load them in Flex 3 and trace out the loaded swf instances, whichever swf loaded first, flex started to use those instances everywhere.

      e.g. If map2.swf loaded first and map1.swf second, then Flex debug console shows -
      '_root.Map2.Map.NA' - for map2.swf and
      '_level0.diff_map_load0.pan2.contentPane.UIComponent33.instance37.instance67.Map2.Map.NA' - for map1.swf.
      Again, If map1.swf loaded first and map2.swf second, then Flex debug console shows -
      '_root.Map.Map.NA' - for map1.swf and
      '_level0.diff_map_load0.pan2.contentPane.UIComponent33.instance37.instance67.Map.Map.NA' - for map1.swf

      For both of the cases which one is loaded first, working correctly and the second one producing wrong results with colors and mouse events.

      Help and Suggestions needed.

      Debasish Bouri.